Welcome to CLIC

I am delighted to welcome you to The CLIC Cooperative Multi Academy Trust website. The Trust currently comprises of two primary schools; Old Moat in Withington and Chorlton Park in Chorlton. Rolls Crescent Primary in Hulme will be  joining the Trust this year.

Who are CLIC?

Some academies are sponsored or supported by an educational Trust who had no prior connection to the school.  Our Trust, CLIC, has evolved out of our school communities and is led by David Watson, the Executive Principal.  Mr Watson is held to account by the Directors (who oversee finance and academic performance) who are existing school governors.

The school leaders, Ms Habershon and Mrs Blackburn at Chorlton Park and Mrs Lamb and Mr Kerr from Old Moat, remain the same as do all the school staff.  Each school will still have a local governing body, with representatives from the parent body, staff and the local community, including school councillors.  They work with Headteachers and pay close attention to the way in which the schools deliver the broad curriculum (not just Maths and English) and support the wellbeing of the children and staff.

CLIC Forum

In order to ensure that the CLIC Trust stays rooted in the communities of its schools, we have set up the Multi-Academy Trust as a Cooperative.  As a parent, carer or member of staff or interested member of the local community, you can become a member of the Cooperative Forum and have a voice at the Trust Board.  The Forum is currently being tried out at Chorlton Park.

Future Plans

One of the aims of the Trust is to work in collaboration with other local schools and partners who have an interest in helping our children to achieve academic success and good, all-round development.  For the past two years, Chorlton Park and Old Moat have worked closely with Rolls Crescent Primary in Hulme and all three schools have benefitted from sharing expertise in Maths, English and IT with teachers from each school.  We are therefore delighted that Rolls Crescent will formally join the Trust this year. 

Angela Keane
Chair of CLIC Trust



As the Executive Principal of the Trust, I believe that ‘education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world'. Nelson Mandela. My job is to work with all our schools to provide the best possible educational opportunities for our pupils. 

We believe that the best way of securing world-class outcomes is through local solutions.  By working in collaboration, each school is able to provide the necessary support and challenge that will enable CLIC learners to stand out and be the best they can be.  The same principle applies to how we develop our staff.  Through continued coaching, mentoring and support, we can ensure that only the very best teachers and leaders work across our family of schools.

Dave Watson
Executive Principal